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The first compliant payment processor in the Medical Marijuana Industry


Provide more convenient payment methods to your customers


Whether you're a dispensary, a grower, or a processor,  MMJPay provides your customers with the same payment experience that they'd get at any other retailer.

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Historically, legal medical marijuana businesses have been forced to take the risks involved with being cash businesses. With MMJPay, you can enjoy the benefits of modern payment processing while remaining compliant with federal reporting guidelines.

payment processing compliant in 29 states where marijuana is legal

Payment processing in all 31 legalized states and built to grow

reporting to US Treasury

All funds and deposits reported to US Treasury


Get the same financial support as other retail businesses


MMJPay goes beyond payment processing and provides a breadth of financial solutions that helps cannabis businesses streamline their financial operations.

point of sale

Point of Sale

Process payments through any PC or android device. Our solutions provides robust sales reporting, as well as different employee permissions. 

mobile payments

Mobile Payments

Our mobile solution makes it easy to accept payments with a mobile card-reader in states where in-person delivery is allowed. 



For customers who prefer cash, we can provide you with an on-site ATM, which we'll manage, while you earn a share of the profits. 



We help our businesses set up bank accounts with our partnered financial institutions that serve the cannabis industry. 

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MMJPay-backed businesses make more money

cannabis customers credit card transactions

Customers spend 2x more on credit transactions than cash/debit transactions

marijuana businesses increase revenue

MMJPay customers see an average revenue increase of 42%


Our mission is to help cannabis businesses grow


MMJPay is founded by a team of payment processing and cannabis industry leaders who have been working with small businesses to large enterprise companies for the past 20 years. Our processing expertise includes high risk credit card processing, merchant bank accounts, ATM’s, eCommerce, ACH, and mobile payments.  

Our ownership group is strategically comprised of serial entrepreneurs with industry expertise unrivaled for a payments company, and they own and operate multiple companies manufacturing and distributing numerous cannabis-based products.  We grew up in this space and understand the unique challenges better than any payments company in the country. 

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With our concierge onboarding, we make it as easy as possible to get up and running with MMJPay so that you can start making more money.

  • Easy approval & set up process

  • Assistance in establishing a Depository Banking Account

  • Card swipe terminal included

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